Hello , Namasthe   !

Here’s a space I created to brat about me ! Continue reading  🙂

I am Saranya ,We , My husband Vinod and myself live in Abudhabi , a cozy city of UAE .

This blog is a personal Journal of My Daily Life . The recipes I try out , my musings , the way I love to live natural and other information’s that I find I find worth documenting .And this is a space to share my little journey with my family and friends J

I come from a family of a ‘cookie’  MoM and a ‘foodie’ family who always demands for variety. She is an ardent lover of cooking and baking cakes and cookies , and I was never intimidated by it ,until people started asking me where/how do you know  to bake !!! Later I learned that baking was’nt  a daily practice then in Kerala homes.Im blessed to be born in my family .

My recipes here are learned and inspired from the ‘Worlds Best Cook ‘ my Mom , friends and the web .All of them are tried ,tested and thoroughly delved in my kitchen .

I have always loved to live ‘The natural Way’ and this lead to my way of learning and practicing Pranic Healing and Aromatherapy. I  look forward to impart some knowledge about them too.

So that’s it about me !

If you have any queries’ or suggestions , leave a comment below or write into sarusquintessenceoflife@gmail.com


Saranya 🙂



anything that you got to let me know ? Leave a comment here !

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