Another special post on a very special day of my life. Two years ago, I got engaged to the most amazing man in the universe , my hubs <3.  It’s been two years since we stepped into a committed relationship and the day still remains fresh like it happened yesterday.


Im posting the recipe of his favorite Rasgulla here. It is a sure shot perfected recipe to this spongy goodness, since I cant even tell you how many times I’ve made it.It is a sweet dessert originally  from bengal , but a staple of my home 🙂



For the paneer

  1. 1 liter cow’s milk
  2. 4-5 teaspoons of curd/yogurt ( may require more or less) , alternatively you can use 2 tablespoon of lemon juice.

For the sugar syrup

  1. ¼ + ½ cup of sugar
  2. 41/2 – 5 cups of water ( depending on the pot you use to prepare rasgullas in)
  3. 1 teaspoon of cardamom powder
  4. 1 teaspoon of rose water/ kewra water / few drops of rose essence
  5. Saffron strands , Rose petals , pista flakes to decorate ( optional)


  1. Boil the milk to a rolling boil on medium heat , simmer and add a tablespoon of yogurt at a time to the milk and stir, repeat this until the milk curdles ,and the whey and solids separate.
  2. Line a colander/strainer with a cheese cloth/cotton cloth and strain the separated milk to collect the solids (paneer).
  3. Knot and squeeze out the water, hang it for 10 minutes to drain excess water.(note that the chenna you get should be dry enough and very lightly moist)
  4. Knead the chenna with the heels of your palm for 8 – 10 minutes to bring it together like a dough, it is ready when it becomes oily. ( this step is really important, or else the rasgullas will disperse in water )
  5. Pinch off small balls (around 8 – 10) from the dough, make sure there is no cracks on the balls.
  6. While you make balls, heat up a vessel with ¼ cup sugar and water ,bring it to a rolling boil and add cardamom powder.
  7. Drop the chenna balls into this , cover and cook until done( it will take around 15+ minutes).Make sure the balls are not over crowded in the vessel , as the balls expand a little while cooking.
  8. Check for the doneness of the rasgullas by dropping them into a clean bowl of water,its done if its sinks to the bottom. If its Floating on the surface cover and cook until done.
  9. Once done , place all the cooked rasgullas in a clean bowl of water.
  10. Add the remaining ½ cup of sugar to the sugar syrup used to cook the rasgullas and let dissolve.add the rose water / kewra water /rose essence /saffron once the syrup is cool.(you could use more sugar,if you want it even more sweeter)
  11. Lightly squeeze the rasgulla balls and add to the cooled syrup.
  12. Leave it in the syrup for a couple of hours to absorb the sweetness. serve chilled !

PicMonkey Collage




  1. All the flavoring ingredients, sugar can be altered according to your taste.
  2. Make sure you knead the dough well , or the chenna scatters in the syrup while cooking.




Please leave your valuable comments,suggestions below. Thanks for your time.



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