Easiest Honey Chilli Roasted Almonds

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I have a slight addiction to snacking on nuts , I’m pretty much an equal opportunist and will eat them all except for walnuts , but a chocolate walnut brownie would be fine to sneak it in . Almonds are my favorite, because they are a  magical store house of nutritional elements  !! we usually have a few of them in the morning which are soaked overnight , which is known to elate their goodness. I even make almond milk for my coffee and desserts when I go dairy free for a Detox .

Phew !!! that’s a whole lot about me going nuts…ERR..I mean NUTS..

I just adore the taste of the homemade roasted almonds  seasoned with spices or sweetened. These honey and chilli  Roasted Almonds are the perfect solution when you want both a sweet and spicy flavored nut! Rather than the overly salty, preservative filled store brought ones , I love it when I know whats in my food !! And you will love how easy it is to make. GUARANTEED!!

About the ingredients , Honey adds the slight sweetness  and  cayenne is supposed to be good for blood circulation too. In just 10 minutes you will have these wonderful snack sitting on your countertop! Incredibly easy & just as addictive. They’re almost dangerous to keep around !

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Now onto the recipe ….

Easiest Honey Chilli Roasted Almonds

Ingredients :

  1. 2 cups of raw organic almonds
  2. ½ teaspoon of olive / coconut /almond / canola oil
  3. 1 teaspoon of raw honey  ( or 1 ½ teaspoon if you like it sweeter)
  4. ½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder / red chilly  powder
  5. 2 pinch of sea salt
  6. 2 pinch of granulated sugar ( optional)


  1. In a medium sized bowl , whisk together all the ingredients except almonds.
  2. Now add the almonds and mix together to coat them evenly.
  3. Line them on a  Microwavable baking sheet and pop them straight into the oven and microwave on high for 2 – 3 minutes until cooked ,that is , until a nutty aroma wafts in the air and you hear a feeble crackle from the nuts ! (see notes )
  4. Pull them out of the oven and let them cool , you could sprinkle them with more sugar , salt and cayenne pepper depending on your taste .
  5. They will be a little sticky when just cooked , but will be fine ones cooled .
  6. Enjoy your crunchy , Preservative free Snack on the go 🙂
  7. Store in airtight containers ( if you have any left !! ) .

Notes :

  • The almonds will go from perfect to burnt quickly, so make sure you are watching them carefully. You can test if your almonds are done by cutting one of the almonds with a knife. If the inside of the almond is a light yellowish, the almonds are ready.
  • The time required to cook the almond varies depending upon the kind of oven you use, please keep an eye on them.
  • The measurements mentioned here can be altered according to your taste , this is what I prefer.
  • You could bake them in a preheated oven at 180c for 10 minutes , stir them , and bake for another 10 minutes or until done.
  • Alternatively you can roast them on a stove top too, just that you have to roast the almonds to almost done , and then mix it with the other ingredients and roast again till done.

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